Our Services

We work with large, medium, and small companies. This includes private and public service organizations, not-for-profits, and federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Aequum Global Access and its experienced network and partners can offer you services that help identify and meet your needs, with expertise and best practices in accessibility and inclusion.

Services are available in areas that include:

  • Training
  • Assessments
  • Planning and Implementation. 
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Research, Resources and Stakeholder Engagement

Guidance and direction are provided on:

  • Where to begin and how to develop an actionable plan.
  • Yielding the greatest outcome for your organization’s priorities.
  • Ensuring the voice of all stakeholders, including persons with disabilities are included and engaged in your plans. 

We strive together towards a much more inclusive world.

Customized Training Programs

Whether you are looking for training for your executives, team leads or employees – training is imperative to build capacity and confidence.

Training ensures your staff is equipped with the best resources and tools to be successful.

Aequum can customize programs that respond to your particular needs. Offered in English or French, virtually or in person, we can provide live or pre-recorded webinars that will result in a better understanding of the benefits, value, and responsibilities in accessibility across your organization.

Training topics can include:

  • Awareness and understanding of barriers and lived experiences for people with a wide variety of disabilities and access needs, including with service animals.
  • Best practices for achieving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility across your company, including in Human Resources, communication, accessible events, and feedback.
  • How to meet Standards or regulatory compliance requirements for accessible websites or apps (e.g., WCAG 2.2 guidelines, E.N. 301.549, etc.)
  • How to create accessible documents, (e.g., ISO S71, PDF UI standards)
  • How to test for content accessibility.
  • How disabled users interact with digital properties using assistive technology.
  • Understanding requirements for inclusive and accessible workspaces, services, and built environments.
  • And more. We tailor training content and events that meet your needs.

Assessments: Companies want to know where to begin …

Assessments are provided that include, maturity, workplace, built environments, documents, websites and communication technology.

A maturity assessment or evaluation is a powerful tool to help an organization know where to start when it begins in its accessibility journey.

Aequum is equipped to conduct in-depth assessments on accessibility that will help organizations understand and plan for their current and future needs. Plus, you may be better off than you think!  Assessments can include:

  • Organization-wide maturity assessments across all departments to assess current state.
  • On-site workplace and built environment assessments, to inform design and identify any potential barriers.
  • Website accessibility evaluations.
  • Document accessibility evaluations.

Planning & Implementation: Turning your vision into a plan.

Accessibility is a shared endeavour that is achieved through a robust and managed plan.

To sustain accessibility across an organization, it must be woven into the company’s fabric and culture.

Aequum provides assistance and consulting services to organizations wanting to integrate accessibility into their day-to-day processes – so they can be sustained, and progress can be measured and reported. This can include the development of:

  • Strategic roadmaps and plans with measurable outcomes.
  • A governance structure that provides oversight and ensures accountability.
  • A company-wide accessibility accountability and responsibility matrix.

Mentoring and Coaching: How to be more effective and benefit from a network of supports.

Avoid accessibility burn-out by knowing how you can more effectively influence, lead, and support your organization or team. It is important to recognize indicators or triggers that can overwhelm you as a passionate conduit for accessibility – and know how to respond to them.

Even accessibility professionals can benefit from one-on-one guidance, mentoring or coaching.  Maybe on a particular challenge you are dealing with.  Reach out and we can match you with a professional mentor or coach that can best meet your needs.

Ready to expand your career in accessibility practice?  Please reach out to Aequum. We have numerous partners who can offer you individualized mentoring and coaching and take the time to help you navigate through your accessibility journey.

Innovation and Research.

Accessibility and technology is always advancing and changing.  Make sure you are current and valid in your knowledge, resources, and efforts.

Accessibility involves real people in real-life situations:

Do you know who your diverse stakeholders are?

Do you include end-users, planners, and providers – together with the others impacted in your efforts?

Rely on stakeholder engagement to assure your work is effective and truly meeting the needs of your diverse stakeholder base.

Demographics and how people interact with products and services is also evolving, reminding us that we must be responsive and nimble – able to provide options that best meet the user needs.

Aequum works closely with several research partners that can:

  • Assure stakeholder input and engagement.
  • Provide current resources.
  • Conduct research on specific topics through analytics, focus groups, and Innovation Design Labs.