About Aequum

Aequum Global Access Inc. is committed to helping your organization achieve accessibility and inclusion in a way that best meets your needs.

If you need help in a particular area or have broad-based needs, we can make it work for you.  Including areas such as:

  • Training & Awareness:  Staff and Leadership disability/accessibility awareness and technical training.
  • Helping you implement digital and mobile best practices. 
  • Connecting you with accessibility and inclusion experts, making you an employer and service provider of choice.
  • Building on collaboration among your users and consumers, developers and implementers, and the most current research and practices development.
  • Providing tools and resources to achieve and support compliance as mandated by a number of accessibility regulations such as AODA, ACA, Section 508, section 503, FCC and the disposition of the UNCRPD.

Visit “Our Services” page for details on specific Aequum services.

Our Story

Aequum is the outcome of people earnestly committed to realizing accessibility and inclusion in their communities, for over 20-years.  Aequum knows the importance of and builds on the cornerstone of collaboration.  Stakeholders made up of clients, their clients, people with disabilities, and professionals are essential to making an accessible and inclusive world work.

Aequum Global Access was founded and is driven forward through its core leadership:

Pina D’Intino, M.Des., PMP, CPACC

Pina is the heartbeat of Aequum Global Access. With lived experience, she’s an internationally recognized expert who actively promotes accessibility and inclusion from both an executive and a grassroots perspective.

Pina has more than 29-years of experience in a large global financial institution, while for the last 20-years has pioneered and founded a cross-institutional hub for accessibility and inclusion.

Pina bridges the dynamics of organization, employee, and customer viewpoints, to establish a best-practices environment. With a master’s degree in design and Inclusive Design, Pina values the importance of ensuring that the voices of those under-served is amplified and considered – especially when conceptualizing, designing and delivering products and services intended to meet the broadest community –ensuring no one is left behind. 

Pina’s experience working with all levels of management – including those at the Executive and Leadership levels – and developing strategic plans and visions – has helped companies better understand their current accessibility and inclusion state.  This allows the organization to ensure that changes result in effective and measurable cultural and organizational change. 

In 2013, Pina received the QE2 Diamond Jubilee medal by Canada’s Lt. Governor the Honourable David Onley, for her work in accessibility in employment and in the fall of 2022 was appointed Senior Adviser on the Disability-Inclusion Business Council initiative supporting the Social Employment Branch (SEP) and Minister Carla Qualtrough.

For Pina’s background details, please go to Pina’s LinkedIn Page.

David Wysocki, M.Sc., OT Reg. (Ont.) 

David has worked diligently for over 25-years, across North America, for best-practices and client inclusion in the community and in the modern workforce, for people with a wide variety of disabilities and accessibility needs. 

David is published. He has been a recipient and director of several notably funded projects in modern work access for people with disabilities, and in service animal community-based best-practices.

David is steeped in the principles of Client-Focused Practice and looks at things from the perspectives of function, environmental, client goals, and user experience, including physical, sensory, neurological, psycho-social and cognitive domains.  His OT background also provides an understanding of end-user safety, medical/rehab needs, and developmental/age-span and healthcare concerns. 

Ultimately, David views all outcomes as affecting real people in real-life situations.  In 2022, David received The Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee medal, and the Civic Award for Accessibility from the City of Pickering.

David has vast experience in efforts large and small, professional, and accessibility-based – from high-level committee representation to community-based engagement.  

For David’s background details, please go to David’s LinkedIn Page.

Barbara Myers, MCIP RPP

Barbara has been a practicing Urban Planner in the planning and architectural sector since 1980.

She has focused on serving non-profit and institutional clients by providing feasibility studies, accessibility plans, functional programs and operational and management plans.

Barbara has written and researched in the areas of accessibility, sustainability, high performance buildings, professional practice and stakeholder engagement practices.

Barbara is currently a Governor of the National Trust for Canada and serves on the Royal Roads University Accessibility Committee. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Queen’s University; Master of City Planning, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba; a certificate in non-profit governance from the Institute of Corporate Directors; and a certificate in management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago.

For Barbara’s background details, please go to Barbara’s LinkedIn Page.

A Network of Accessibility & Inclusion Professionals 

Aequum is made up of a broad-based network of accessibility professionals, too numerous detail each.  They represent areas that include:

  • Website and ICT Access – Assessment and Remediation
  • The Built Environment
  • The Regulatory Environment
  • Accessibility Law
  • Professional Development and Certification
  • International Accessibility
  • Support for the United Nations for the Rights of persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)
  • Organizational Accessibility
  • Education
  • Academic, Research, and Best Practice Model Development
  • Federal, Provincial, and other Governmental Environments
  • Planning, Project Management and Road-Mapping