Pair of hands gesturing. A woman and open laptop appear in the background at a board table.

Broaden Your Vision

Put Accessibility to Work for Your Business

There are standards, regulations and laws that must be met, and…

There are opportunities and untapped talent to grow your business, services and client-base.

Aequum can work with you to:

  • Guide your organization to meet accessibility and disability inclusion laws
  • Go beyond basic standards
  • Stand out as an exceptional provider of services, products and employment
  • Develop a broader level of presence and influence

Aequum can help …

  • Promote the value of accessibility in your business
  • Enrich your diversity equity and inclusion
  • Improve employment outcomes
  • Increase your market share, to develop better products and services
  • Assess your current accessibility state and help develop a plan of action
  • Integrate your regulatory requirements, action plan and road-mapping to make all this happen

Aequum Global Access is a Recognized Leader

Aequum is Canadian, working with Canadians across Canada, with a proven commitment to our communities.

Aequum is global, with the insight, resources and big picture of standards from around the world.

We have successfully led and teamed-up within numerous efforts at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels – while fostering intersections among these and outside organizations.